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Definition 1: Excessive or extreme laughter resulting primarily from the use
of marijuana, or any other mind expanding drugs.

Definition 2: Any form of marijuana, which is usually quality shit, that forces a person into bursts of laughter.
Example 1: Man that was some geek ass bud.

Example 2: That shit made me geek so hard.
by Ryan Seal April 10, 2007
7 46
(Synonym of nerd) The kids who usually sit in the back of class and only talk to awnser a question or chat about a topic that falls into these catagories: anime or manga, video games, science, math or another low key social topic. Although most kids are picked on they do get revenge by becoming your boss later on, however as with all social groups some differences can occur such as: A preppy nerd, A cool nerd, a Nerd who gets F's, and Blerds
I wish i didn't pick on that geeky kid in high school or i wouldn't be looking for a new job.
by Shalashaka January 16, 2007
8 53
Marijuana laced with chopped up crack, rolled in a white boy (paper) or a blunt.
Add another rock to that geek, nigga!
by Trashy Trish September 25, 2006
17 64
One who is almost entirely devoted to academic persuits and has little to no interest in the opposite sex; one who lives in his/her own little world.
Marc is 25, has never had a girlfriend and still goes to Star Wars conventions. We need to help the geek out.
by Scott Besei March 14, 2007
13 64
Perfectly normal people who just have different interests and ablilties. Most geeks like computers(totally 1337), star wars(awesomeness, star trek, etc. Go ahead and make fun of us. We really dont care. We know later in life we'll be the bosses and you the janitors.
Josie called Ashleigh a geek. Later in life, josie becomes a lame ass whom got pregnent at the age of 16. Ashleigh became the founder of a very sucessful computer company.
by octet March 26, 2005
149 202
A person who never leaves their room due to fear of sunlights, finds taking computers apart and reasembling them enjoyable, uses the cd drive as a cup holder and quotes everything thats even remotely funny. Has a fetish for Star wars
Shaun is a geek..Yes you know who im talking about its so you..
by Hater October 23, 2003
27 101
A nerd, but without the intelligence of said nerd.
Jimmy with the t1 is a nerd, but Bob over there tripping over his shadow is a geek
by Josh January 17, 2005
22 102