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A person who is considered strange weird or is passionate about one thing or another. Not to be mixed with Nerd. Although they are normally smart they are not freaky smart and look like normal people. It is even possible to be a "Geek" without even knowing it.
Being able to name programs by their actual name is considered "geeky". Liking Anime is considered "geeky"

Geeks are cool though they have a life and often people don't realize that they are in fact talking to a geek. Liking anything to do with outer space tends to let one fall into this category such as Red Dwarf, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,Star Trek is the biggest one that "geeks" are linked with.
Even reading a large amount of books makes you a geek.
Geeks also tend to be good looking and the one who everyone wants as their friend as they quite often know the answer to a problem (even if it's just basic) or they know how to find it. "Geek" girls are normally seen in a better light than male "geek" are though there is no real reason for this.
I am a Geek because I know the Red Dwarf episodes by their actual name and I am "weird".
by Dolphin-Dreamer August 24, 2008

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