a GeeK is a title in Highschool and Middle school that is just under the jocks" and above the cutters, nerd, math geeks, outcasts, and ect. GeeK's are good friends that are almost excepted by everyone except a few "classes" the GeeK's are almost top of the food chain. it os a good thing to be a GeeK.
jock: man those kids are such nerds.
GeeK: nah we're GeeKs better than nerds.
by wretch345 September 15, 2009
A computer enthusiast. Usually having an above average intelligence and sex drive (have you ever seen a Geeks porn collection?) Here is an appropriate acronym:


Ladies you're missing out.
Geeks are damn sexy!
by Coldeagle May 16, 2008
Geeks and nerds are smart people who like to play RPGs all day long. Geeks are polytheistic. Their gods include Stan Lee, George Lucas, and the guys who created Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and other people who have created shit about space and superheros.
1. Hey, that geek sure does love to play World of Warcraft.

2. Geeks would suck Obi-wan's balls if they had the chance.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
The subject of a song by the pop/rock group Procol Harum, "Long Gone Geek".
I'm sorry Mr. Gates, the ad said Greek, not geek.....
by geekmeister June 27, 2003
1. A word commonly used to describe a person who is not technically a "loser" nerd, but more of a social nerd, with many traits of a nerd but also more outwardly down-to-earth and with social skills

2. Slang for Methamphetamine
1. "Yeah Jake's kind of a geek, but he's usually pretty cool if you hang out with him"

2. "Let's go get Geek Stink Breath"
by Tittylickingbunghole March 15, 2009
A step below a nerd. Geeks spend their time on video games and movies, while nerds spend their time in the library.
Guy 1: Look at the nerd over there. He won't shut up about Resident Evil 5.

Guy 2: No, he's not a nerd. He's a geek.

by Dark Soul X April 25, 2009
Person of intelligence pertaining to a specific field; Generally obsessive to the point that they have a serious deficiency of social skills or understanding.

*Not to be confused with "Dork," which is a person of little intelligence, with knowledge of an abstract field. Comes off as useless, or rediculous.

*Also not be be confused with Nerd, which is a combination of the two, and is out-dated.
I can't believe that guy would rather stay home and write software for extra credit than have a drink with us, what a geek.

Nobody cares about what color legolas's panties are, you dork.

by Skrewbox April 03, 2009

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