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Another word for iTunes
Robbie: Hey man lets crank up some beats
Johnny: Yeah bro
*Robbie opens iTunes and plays some music*
Robbie: Whatchu talkin bout son?
Johnny: BRO why you using gayTunes? Are you fuckin gaybro?
Robbie: No bro. iTunes is the shit
Johnny: No dude. Windows Media Player is where it's at. Fuck your gayTunes m4a shit
*Johnny opens Windows Media Player and plays some music*
Johnny: That's more like it :D
Robbie: :O
by Jimmy Man April 26, 2011
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4 Words related to gayTunes
a word used to discribe bad music or anoying tunes
a word used to discribe hippy music(i.e. love and peace)
Wow this song should be in gaytunes its so bad
I didnt no i was listening 2 933 home of the gaytunes.
by $maker February 25, 2005

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