Awkward freeze moment and look on your face when you're posing for a photo, but the person doesn't know how to operate the damn camera.
Photographer: Okay! Smile! 1...2...Shit, how do I turn this thing on?
Group: Gawkward!
by urban eskimo March 13, 2008
Top Definition
Being both geeky and awkward.
Being a n00b in the room made her feel gawkward.
by lemming August 23, 2004
When you lock eyes with a stranger for a moment too long and it becomes awkward.
I had a gawkward moment at the coffee shop today. This lady gawked at me too long making me feel uncomfortable, so I grabbed my coffee and GTFOT (Got the F outta there)
by HighLevelDisinfectant April 28, 2011
A feeling of uncomfortable body self-consciousness, especially concerning the wearing of revealing clothing.
I wore my new sundress to the picnic, but it showed so much flesh that I felt totally gawkward.
by lo-tech-nannie April 06, 2009
Adjective: A shortened form of the useful phrase "God-awfully awkward."
To be used in relation to people, places, and situations.
Crap! The new girl we hired today is my boyfriends ex. How gawkward is that?!


OMG! Did you see that girls outfit?? It was SO gawkward!


That kid is so gawkward; he has no idea how to interact with other human beings!
by Hellokat85 December 13, 2009
When you see something/someone and would like to get a closer look at them/it and put yourself in an awkward position to gawk at them/it.
I thought I saw Shane across the cafeteria and I ended up pulling a gawkward across the table.
by SimonaClarkxo February 04, 2009
Discomfort from or a situation involving a homosexual interacting with a heterosexual in an inappropriate way.
Then Matt--who's gay--sat in my lap and asked me to see Les Miserables with him. Totally gawkward situation.
by Yosty December 18, 2005
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