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When that guy with the camera sneaks up on you and takes a picture before you're ready, leading to a horrible photograph.
Guy: How come your the picture of you on facebook looks so scared?
Girl: Ugh. This douche came up and camerambushed me. What a creeper.
by Yosty January 24, 2008
Short for "Slow Cars in Formation."

1. An annoying situation on a two-lane highway when 19 cars are in line behind one guy that doesn't want to go any faster than 33 miles per hour

2. On a multiple-lane highway, when two or more cars are going the same speed in different lanes and holding up traffic.
I was going to get here ten minutes ago, but I was stuck behind an 8-car scif for like half an hour.
by Yosty March 01, 2008
Discomfort from or a situation involving a homosexual interacting with a heterosexual in an inappropriate way.
Then Matt--who's gay--sat in my lap and asked me to see Les Miserables with him. Totally gawkward situation.
by Yosty December 18, 2005
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