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Post dentist mouth

The taste left in your mouth after visiting the dentist . . . generally a taste that needs aquiring.
Bro 1 - Oh dood I have serious PDM! Dentists really need to hand out candy bars after consultation

Bro 2 - Yeah man. . . Candy bar giving dentist FTW
by HighLevelDisinfectant March 17, 2010
The iVote is the future of voting for federal elections online. It saves tapping into the precious play time of online cyber junkies. Online voting would be quick and effecient and with todays technology could be done anywhere, anytime without the hassle of standing in seemingly endless lines for polling booths.
Phat Chick 1: I want to vote but I dont want to go through the timely voting processes.

Phat chick 2: Well Phat chick 1, all your problems have been solved. The iVote system lets you vote online anywhere anytime, hassle free. iVoted on my iPad the on the bus this morning on the way to work.
by HighLevelDisinfectant August 19, 2010
When you lock eyes with a stranger for a moment too long and it becomes awkward.
I had a gawkward moment at the coffee shop today. This lady gawked at me too long making me feel uncomfortable, so I grabbed my coffee and GTFOT (Got the F outta there)
by HighLevelDisinfectant April 28, 2011
The aftermath of emotionally displeasing a male Herbert. A Herb Turd is an irrational response to a seemingly ordinary situation. The Herb Turd can be identified by unfriendly behaviour, faceblocking and the establishment of ancedotal chinese whispers.
Person 1: I tried to contact Herbert via Facebook the other day but he was gone from my friends list

Person 2: Man, you totes got faceblocked. Thats a Herb Turd right there, and believe me, that shit sticks.
by HighLevelDisinfectant April 28, 2011
The result of eating too much fast food, burgers in particular, causing the sweat glands to sweat 'pickle' sweat. Picklesweat is commonly found on windscreens in vehicles with fast food junky owners. It can be recognised as a greasy film coating the inside of the window.
Craigo: "the phat chick that sold me this car ate bulk fast food yo. She musta breathed grease all over this windscreen cause I cant shite out of it!"

T-Dog: "bro thats some serious picklesweat"
by HighLevelDisinfectant December 07, 2010

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