A system of measurment in which a higher number indicates a smaller size. Most commonly used for wires and shotgun shells (the gauge refers to the size of the pellets in the shell, not the shell itself), but can be used for anything relatively small
A 12 gauge is more powerful than a 20 gauge

A high gauge extention cord will set your house on fire
by agentsteve July 30, 2005
a word that obviousally, no one here knows what it means... it does not mean the size of the lead shot in the shell.

a gauge is defined as the ammount of perfectly round lead balls that you can make out of a pound of lead that will fit perfectly down that particular barrel. for example, with a 12 gauge barrel, 12 lead balls that fit perfectly in the barrel will equal a pound. The size of the shot has nothing to do with the gauge of the gun. you can have a .410 bore shotgun with triple ought buckshot(very large pellets) or you can have #9 shot(very small pellets) the most common shot sizes are 8,7.5,7,6 used for trap, skeet, birds, squirrels, etc
10 gauge= 1/10lb lead ball
12 gauge= 1/12lb lead ball
16 gauge= 1/16lb lead ball
20 gauge= 1/20lb lead ball
28 gauge= 1/28lb lead ball
.410 bore = .410" bore...
by mikethegreat October 08, 2007
A really sweet and kind guy who cares for you no matter what. if you end up dating a gauge he will make you feel like you're the only one in the world. He's also really good in bed with a big penis.
You really want to date a gauge
by Riley clarkson March 17, 2015
1. A shotgun, usually refering to a 12 gauge pistol grip, pump-action. esp. mossberg.

2. Firing a shotgun into something.
1. Hit him with the gauge.

2. We saw Terrence on his porch and strait gauged a fool.
by viciousk August 04, 2008
a shotgun (from the term used for the caliber of a shotgun)
He came after them with a gauge.
by The Return of Light Joker March 12, 2008
A shotgun
Hopped in his caddy, loaded his 12 gauge" -- Schoolly D
by AC January 31, 2004
A ridiculous looking plug many young guys put in their holed earlobes and stretch them. And another reminder of how I can't stand Generation Y'ers.
by waspcoloredstain September 17, 2013

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