A word that describes the act of stretching a piercing.
1.How long did it take you to gauge your ears.
2.I think I'm going to gauge my ears today.
by Big Ross CHS June 23, 2003
1) a sex fiend
2) my nickname
Gauge + Nacho
by Kait February 27, 2004
what houston did to his left eye.
he tried to gauge his eye out
by belle_tifi003 February 08, 2005
People started gauging or stretching peircings several hundred years ago. Gauges are commony used in ears though thay can be used elsewhere. The term gauges refers to the jewlery, not the stretch ear itself. Gauges are sometimes also known as plugs,and come in sizes.

The smallest size is usually 20. the size number goes down, but the lower the number the bigger the gauges. They go in even numbers form 20 down to 00(double zero). From there they still get bigger, but they are in fractions.
Man your gauges are huge!
by jellofreak March 20, 2009
a streched piercing, manily the ear loabs.
i have 1" gauges in my ears
by cameron lyman December 11, 2007
nipples on either a female or male
her gauges hardened as the temperature dropped
by bryan [lovelife] May 07, 2007

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