it could mean two things.
1# i already have my ears stretched up a qauge
once your a size you want
(im a 12mm) you leave a tunnel,plug or wood in it.
the smell is not particulary nice but bare with it.

the second thing it could mean
is a way to threaten people in a horrible way.
which i usually do. :D
and is often used here in london alot
1# "HOLY FKIN SH*T IM a 00gauge im going to get some new plugs today :)

2# SAY that to me again and ill fkin gauge your fkin eyes out you fat b*t!h.
by TiannaMistii August 27, 2007
Any type of shotgun.

shortened from 20Gauge, 12gauge, etc.
"Yo Clarence, you grab the gauge, I got my Zig on me, lets take those punkass motherfuckers!"
by Clarence Whorley May 23, 2003
12-gauge shotgun.
What you wanna do? I got tha gauge, an uzi and a muthufuckin' 22!
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
A Pint of Beer or alcoholic beverage.
Dave says to John "You coming for a gauge mate?"
by Monkey April 25, 2005
A useful tool I keep by the bed to punch a series of small holes in the front of you, and a large hole in the back.
If that prick gives me death threats again, I'll jag him in the face with my guage, and just to be sure, I'll probably piss all over his neck when I'm through.
by Jaggo March 20, 2004
A shotgun, comes from the shotgun shells. Often referred to as gauges.
I am toting my gauge tonight, what about you?
by Mikey Bürke March 24, 2005
To nick a car.
Yo come we gauge this ped.
by Snowy (formally kilo lobo) August 27, 2003

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