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37 definitions by viciousk

someone heavy into drug use and/or who is generally worthless. adj.
"fuck that half dead motherfucker."
by viciousk January 29, 2008
an "anti energy drink"

it looks like an energy drink from the fancy can and such.

drink two without knowing what it is and call me in the morning because regardless of the time, you're going to bed.

contains: melatonin, rose hips, Valerian root.

based on "purple stuff, purple drank, sizzurp"
with all these legal stimulants in our society: coffee, energy drink, energy pills, soft drinks, relax drank is the only legal depressant.
by viciousk August 26, 2009
to be caught by surprised, or not paying attention, with a stupid facial expression.
jim called out sandra on being such a hoe, and she momentarily sported a dick look.
by viciousk March 09, 2008
gaze to your right----->
advertizement with the same tired ass pictures of hot chicks and different shirt screenings digitally overlain.
be a statistic and shop now at bustedtees.com
by viciousk May 25, 2009
to ride a skateboard up to an object crossing your path, like a raised chain, then jump above the chain, with the board rolling underneath, finally landing back on top of the board and continuing your course.
i learned to one footed bart simpson
by viciousk January 31, 2008
get a conscience, find a heart, have feelings. derived from Pinocchio and jimmeny cricket, who was his conscience.
he got hit by a car? thats hilarious.
"you need to buy a cricket"
by viciousk March 09, 2008
to stare at a mans penis while he is urinating, or for whatever reason has it exposed.
look at him, strait dick watching
by viciousk March 09, 2008