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Enlarging the diameter of a piercing by using a taper, a horn shaped piece of plastic or metal. The stretching takes time and should be done slowly to avoid ripping the tissue. When the stretching is done, you put in a tunnel or a plug.
Commonly done on earlobes but also on nipples, tongue, labret piercings etc.
A:"Hey, what's that in your ear?"
B:"A taper. I'm stretching my other ear lobe, too."
by Violence. August 04, 2007
To take a dump in a handicapped washroom.
Person: There's so much room in here! I can do some stretching in here all day...
by $e9a May 21, 2009
the act of smoking marijuana at any time anywhere
Hey, I'm feeling pretty tight, I think it's about time I went outside and started stretching.


You guys want to go stretch?
by Zach V March 08, 2009
another word or slang, for sex.
"hay, i had fun stretching"

"seline you wana stretch again"
by ELO.bX) July 13, 2009