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Developed by 26 year old lieutenant Uziel Gal(d. 2002 aged 78) of the IDF. Went into production 1955. 9mm Sub Machine Gun accurate to 150 metres.
Mass produced under licend by FN of Belgium. Currently in use, Netherlands, Germany, U.S, Ireland.
Particularly popular with Special forces and HRT's.

Mini uzi variant developed 1980.
Micro uzi
Uzi machine pistol

Contrary to popular belief, it is unlikely that so called "Gangstas" would typically posses such a weapon.
Owing to its cost (in excess of $6000)
Weapons commonly mislabelled as "uzis" include
Scorpion vz 61 machine pistol

Ingram Mac 10 and 11
(effective range 25 metres. Could explain why "ganstas" can't hit fuckall. That plus their lack of firearms training and the inability to straighten their arms)
The Uzi, not withstanding the infamous Mp5 and its variants is one of the most popular SMGs in use today.
by Chevron May 20, 2004
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A submachinegun manufactured by Israeli Military Industries, chambered in the 9x19mm parabellum cartridge. Variants include the Mini- and Micro-Uzis.
by Spock July 12, 2003
A compact 9x19mm caliber submachine gun developed in 1953 by Isreali Military Industries. Variants include the Mini-Uzi, the Micro-Uzi, and the semi automatic-only Uzi Pistol.
I saw that the hitmen were armed with Uzi submachine guns.
by JoeBob July 27, 2003
The Uzi is a selective-fire, open-bolt, submachinegun manufactured by IMI of Israel. It is large, extremely heavy, and notoriously inaccurate on full auto -- however, it is also extremely reliable, easy to strip down, and has a slow cyclic rate (approx 650 rpm), making it ideal for the non-combatants to whom it is currently issued (clerks, school teachers, rabbis, private citizens of Israel). It is considered obsolete for military or law enforcement purposes. Many journalists and gangstas confuse the Uzi with inferior weapons, such as the TEC-9 or MAC-10 pistol -- which typically are not even fully automatic. Nearly all Uzis are 9mm parabellum, but conversion kits are available for other calibers as well.
Public Enemy had a rap song back in the 80s titled, "My Uzi weighs a ton" -- fully loaded, an Uzi weights about 15 pounds.
by tyr shadowblade October 02, 2007
an isralei made submachine gun chambered for a 9x19mm round. Has a straight detachable magazine that fits into the handle of the wepon, also has a metal foldable stock
the isralei army quelled the riot with their uzis and teargas
by Capt. capacitor April 20, 2004
When a man shoots his jizz from his cock across several bitches, as if doing a drive-by with an Uzi (except the bullets are jizz, the Uzi is his cock. The bitches are still bitches).
I uzi'd your mom and your sister yesterday.
by Gizm0guy September 26, 2009
A generic word used by idiots (GTA3 players, certain CS players) in reference to all submachine guns.

2) A sub-machine gun created by the Israelis that fires very rapidly. Has a handle to lower recoil. Can be used as a machine pistol. Named after a war hero.

3) First name of Nissan Motors' president.
Don't screw with the guy holding his UZI, he'll bust a few caps in your ass!
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
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