To be garbage; less than human but a little better than human feces
Wow did you see Eric playing squash today? He's garbage.
by Nixon__ May 01, 2006
Meaning that you/it is HORRIBLE!
Man...that nigga is garbage
by TAD October 05, 2004
Special/required clothing (“garb”), such as work-uniforms or costumes, that the wearer resents/finds offensive because:

(1) the clothes are uncomfortable, cumbersome, too light/heavy for ambient temperatures, etc.
(2) the garments are inelegant or overly plain, and so he feels that wearing the clothes is demeaning
(3) he dislikes the colors, styles, etc. as being too bold, loud, and/or needlessly-formal for the job/occasion
(4) the clothes’ material is too delicate and/or hard to keep clean/neat/undamaged, and so he finds them an arduous chore to care for and keep out of harm’s way while wearing them.
Every time I go to work, I have to wear that revolting starched-denim garbage they dish out --- ironed and pressed --- from the laundry-room. Eeeyyyewww...
by QuacksO November 29, 2011
a person who is "white trash"
"kiss my ass, you're nothin but garbage"
by lauren September 02, 2003
When playing online video games, usually FPSs, some players may call you "garbage". By telling you this, they are either implying that you suck at the game, or that you're using a cheap way to win. When they mean you're using a cheap way to win, they're usually just saying that in attempt to make it your fault that they themselves suck a salty nut at the game.
"Dude you got killed while trying the noob combo, you're garbage."

"DUDE! You killed me with the noob combo! You're garbage!"
by The Earl of Sandwich August 09, 2007
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