Something that is just pure junk, see useless
Miles "Tails" Prower is GARBAGE!
by Tardy McTard July 27, 2004
referring to the quality of something, e.g. food, sex, how you feel
Your mother is garbage, in bed.
I feel like garbage, I'm going to go throw up.
by Stan46998 July 08, 2006
The forbidden word. If you say it, you're dead.
Kid 1: What, no cookies? That's garbage...
(kills kid 1)
by Brandon Han-Garbage May 04, 2009
Garbage is a word that refers to something that is shitty or sucks a lot of ass.

Also see: rap
Set "Man, that new 50 cent album is garbage."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
Windows 8
Windows 8 is the definition of garbage.
by user817 May 23, 2014
The new era of so called "hip hop" is garbage.
by andy3 April 22, 2008
n.: Bullshit
"WTF is this garbage?"
"that headshot was garbage"
by bladesilver March 13, 2004

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