the feeling of remorse and disorientation experienced after a long session of heavy video game playing; analagous to hangover
I have the worst gameover from staying up all night playing Halo.
by Tom Cornyn January 20, 2006
When you just died and ran out of quarters.
I used my last quarter, I just fell into lava, and game over appeared on the screen. fml.
by ~flyinhigh~ April 19, 2009
The hangover like tired behavior seen from teenagers who stay up late playing video games and drinking caffeine.
-Hey dude, good job playing Call of Duty last night
-Yea we were up to like 4, and i had a total gameover when i woke up.
by Littlefatmonkeyre35231594732-0 November 24, 2009
Like a Hangover but when you play videogames for too long and develop a headache and a senstivity to bright lights and loud noises.
I played video games with Renx all night and woke up with a horrible game-over.
by originalrenx December 06, 2009
When you have a really long gaming session and the next day you eyes hurt and you have a massive headache.
Paul: Yo Carl, how come you couldn't show up for work today?

Carl:I had a massive gameover last night from playing Modern Warfare 2 too much.
by truegamer88 November 21, 2009
Name of a graffiti artist whose work with 8-bit images began in Spokane, Wa in 2013. Known mainly for stencil graffiti of 8-bit video game images this artist mainly does 'death' items, I.e. fireballs, skulls, bombs and things that cause a 'game over'.
Did you see that sick 'GAME OVER' piece on Broadway?
by #GAMEOVER June 22, 2013
The hellish headache after playing 7+ hours of video games.
1: Dude, I have the worst gameover.
2: Oh damn, how?
1: I beat Dead Space 2 on Zealot overnight.

2: Jesus bro, thats hardcore.
by OrnateCocoapuff February 03, 2011

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