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Used to describe someone who is bothersome, reluctant, and/or pessemistic.

as seen on family guy
Brian: You know just because you guys sung for some drunkards at a karaoke bar, doesn't mean you have talent.
Peter: Oh whatever Brian, you're just ants at a picnic.
Brian: I'm what? I'm ants at a picnic?
Peter: Uh-huh.
Brian: Yeah, ok... just wanted to make sure I heard that right.
by David K June 19, 2006
noun - a being of superhuman sexual powers

adj, kwok-ly
man, i wish i was with kwok last night, then i would have had been kwokly satisfied
by David K April 21, 2004
verb - diarhoea
i had a big vindaloo last night and had the yayus all morning
by david K April 21, 2004
Expression that refers to when you are hammered, drunk etc, to the point at which you get double vision and are unable to see properly.
I was seeing double at the end of the night in the pub
by David K June 15, 2004
Derived from the word "price", the added "y" implies that the price of item in question is quite steep.
I'm not buying that, it's a bit pricey.
by David K June 15, 2004
When someone's dead, or too messed up to go on living a normal life.
-You hear about Eddie?
-Yeah I heard he od'ed on some bad coke.
-It's game over man.
by david k February 28, 2005
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