The hellish headache after playing 7+ hours of video games.
1: Dude, I have the worst gameover.
2: Oh damn, how?
1: I beat Dead Space 2 on Zealot overnight.

2: Jesus bro, thats hardcore.
by OrnateCocoapuff February 03, 2011
the aftermath of staying up all night playing video games,with symptoms of a hangover the next morning.
i stayed up all night playing uncharted 2,and went to bed at 6 a.m. woke up at 2 with a gameover.
by ronda howard January 08, 2010
When the team you want to win loses and you wake up the next morning full of disappointment and a headache
"I had such a bad gameover this morning when the Broncos lost"
by Brandi McJagger January 13, 2013
When you stay up to late playing video games the next morning you feel like you are hungover
In so game over
by Ft tfddgvidfg June 26, 2015
when the act of slipping or falling results in fatal or severe bodily harm
dude my brother had a game over in the shower.
omg how?
he totally slipped on the soap and broke his leg.
by NRHsteezy March 04, 2008
Adj. in a state of calling or to have called it quits.
Hey, is that Victor on the floor?... Yea, he's Totally Gameover.
by Seanglish August 28, 2008
(noun) The induced state of worthlessness, sore body (and bottom), incompetence and general increase of mental and bodily retardation.
Other side effects may include headaches, hunger and thirst, prolonged procrastination, impudence, and poor management for the remainder (if it exists) of one's time.
Ahh, you have a Gameover.
by Live By Experience March 11, 2011

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