Top Definition
the abbrieviation for "overdozed"

usually used like this
Guy 1: Yo the teacher od'ed with homework today.
Guy 2: I know right.
by blitz94/spartan117 June 13, 2007
A hansom, light-minded, good tempered Israeli guy.

Kindhearted, but has limited emotional capabilities.

Usually has beautiful brown eyes.

When he finds the right girl he might grow up to be a perfect partner. Don't give up on him girls!
Oh, Oded, you're so sweet you can get away with anything.
by an oded believer February 05, 2010
when someone takes something small and goes overboard with it
Person A posts a status on facebook, song lyrics
Person B names the artist and name of the song

Person A says person B oded
by BasedRob November 13, 2010
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