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adj 1.: Used to describe a situation or person that is out of control or crazy.
adj 2.: Used to describe something exceptionally cool, usually in a way that defies normally acceptable behvaior or characteristics, or in a crazy way.
adj 3.: Used to describe a person whose coolness in a category is unmatched, and frequently impresses by raising standards further or performing acts of coolness in new unorthodox ways.
"Did you see that guy's moves? That shit was outta hand!"
"Paul Oakenfold is outta hand"
"That party was outta hand, somebody pissed in the bedroom and somebody else broke the windshield on his car!"
"That party was outta hand, the DJ was dope and there were hella fine girls there!"
by bladesilver March 13, 2004
Can be used in a positive way and be a synonym to cool, tight, dope, sick, hyped etc. Can also be used in a negetive way and be a synonym to belligerant, unruly, sketchy, shady etc.
Damn did you see the homie knock that chap out?! Shit was too outtahand! But then the homie got all drunk and threw up in my car that shit was outta hand
by Vengy March 07, 2012