Sweet, cool.

(not to be confused with the fweet-awesome-cool sign)
That was a fweet move there man, fweet!
by dabead March 31, 2005
Top Definition
A way of cursing without technically cursing. The term is often utilized by Christians trying to sound cool.
Grant: "Fweet!" (Christian trying to sound cool)
Alison and Henley: "That was a curse word."
by Henley November 28, 2006
a term used for marijuana!
mostly heard in Vallejo, CA.
Hey bruh, you tryin to get on some fweet?

I got some shwishers, if you got some fweets.
by julesjames January 29, 2009
Fucking+Sweet=Fweet. Meaning anything really, really good.
man, drunk p00n, sleeping in your treehouse. FWEET!
by Miklus July 01, 2006
To Tweet (post Twitter-like updates) via one's Facebook status.
He was taking a European vacation and kept us posted as to where he was with his constant fweets.
by Teacherz At the Bar December 23, 2009
To utilize Facebook status updates as if they were tweets on Twitter.
Hey stop fweeting, you're updates are all over my newsfeed.
by Conrad Magoo August 11, 2009
another word for Fart, fluff, or toot.
Awww, man i gotta fweet somethin' fierce.
by Andreas Schwartz May 10, 2006
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