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12 definitions by Henley

A voracious, predatory, highly competitive, ruthless, alpha male/female.
Often misspelt Pirhana
From the 'Apprentice'. One contestant observing the fish swimming at the London Aquarium, mused to a finalist'They're piranhas? But they look so friendly' You haven't seen their teeth' the finalist replies wearily. After 12 weeks in pursuit of the coveted job,he was covered in the nasty bite marks of his fellow contestants.
by Henley June 14, 2007
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A way of cursing without technically cursing. The term is often utilized by Christians trying to sound cool.
Grant: "Fweet!" (Christian trying to sound cool)
Alison and Henley: "That was a curse word."
by Henley November 28, 2006
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A fussy, indecisive individual, prone to procrastination, dithering between tasks,and who is easily distracted and achieves very little. In-two-minds, he/she flops from one thing to another and starts all over again.
"A faffer is the enemy of time, effortlessly consuming it while pretending to be constructive" - Quote
George emptied his rucksack and reordered the contents putting his shaving gear at the top, deciding he would need it first when he got off the plane, changed his mind and replaced it with his route map. What a faffer! At the last minute he wanted a pee, and the airport coach left without him.
Elmerdale was a wet. His girl-friend always had to tell him what to do. Left on his own he would faff his life away with trivial, unimportant tasks, getting in a muddle, forgetting the things that mattered. He polished his glasses three times before a stranger at the next table reminded him he had cleaned them already and pointed out his shirt cuffs were soaked with tea.
by Henley July 28, 2007
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1. A wet: drippy, feeble, person with a wishy-washy personality, and no drive, content to float though life hanging onto someone elses 'apron-strings'
A wet personality.
Big Wet - monsoon conditions - heavy 'tropical' rain - giving rise to local flooding resulting from Climate Change and Global Warming. See seperate definition.
2. A wet: an opponent to the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, esp. in the US (1920–33).
"I remember at school the trendy local priest once tried to persuade my class that even though Jesus sounds like a bit of a wet, he was actually very cool in real life."
"As soon as Charlie could walk I led him 'round to his home. Oh, but he was a wet fellow! As soon as I got him in the hallway, I said, 'So long, Charlie!' and sneaked away."
President Hoover had turned him down because he was a Wet Catholic.
Angela’s former flatmate, smokes like a chimney, can’t bear Karen’s wet personality.
J John must have realised the wet personality of his crowd because he seemed to change pace immediately and within moments had them eating out of his hand.
Simmons did not oppose Smith’s Catholicism, but was against him because he was a “wet,” i.e. an opponent of prohibition;
by Henley July 28, 2007
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A cock-up, stupid mistake or indiscretion that only an idiot or moron would make.
See 'prat', a total 'whally'
I also had a spectacular prat fall while shopping that resulted in a pool of blood.
And so we're back to the time honoured game of waiting for top politicians to take a prat-fall.
He has evolved into a kind of snarling, brilliantined Monsieur Hulot, a world specialist in the diplomatic prat-fall and coq-up.
At a conference earlier this year, he posited that the classic banana-peel pratfall is funny only when the victim gets up, and that we laugh to alert "other members of our kin..
A clumsy comedy pratfall worthy of Laurel and Hardy.
by Henley July 17, 2007
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A person of any age who is mentally fossilised, cautious, brain-dead, dull, unimaginative, dinosauric, living in the past, not with-it, or has lost his marbles. Someone who is uncomfortable with the age of the Internet and mobile phones and still communicates by snail mail and gets his information from the library. A dodo.
Named after Jurassic Park, the film, and the coastline in Dorset, England, now known too as Jurassic Park, with its ammonites and other fossils. An inhabitant of Lyme Regis, Dorset. Fossil Hunters.
A horde of Jurassic Parkers got off the coach for a 'pit-stop'.
Strung out a long the beach, armed with geological hammers and backpacks,were a dozen keen Jurassic Parkers examining the rocks for ammonites they could take home for the mantlepiece.
He stood scratching his head in bewilderment and chuntering to himself about the need to check it all again - a Jurassic Parker in complete faff mode. The group left without him.
by Henley July 28, 2007
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A milieu or environment inhabited by ruthless, competitive individuals - societies, companies, communities, organisations, polital parties and other groupings where extreme competitive activity takes place.
Also commonly misspelt as pirhana pool. Known too as piranha bowl
He earned his spurs in the piranha pool called Georgia politics.
He has become a boiled brisket in the piranha pool that is Israeli politics.
Plain-speaking, sense of humour and ability - truly remarkable in the piranha pool of Westminster politics - made no enemies...
The Apprentice (programme) is a piranha pool for the contestants.
After a week best described as the 'diplomatic piranha pool' in New York, the UN managed to agree a 35-page document for reform.
Then there is the piranha-pool of Parliament, an especial burden for British ministers
It is a ‘piranha pool’ out there for the inexperienced buyer. Please take some time to read our extensive advice page sections.

by Henley June 14, 2007
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