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learns fast, but can be lazy and become easily irritated. but get to know them and you can quickly build a good relationship.
"That Henley can be a couch potato"
by @TEC September 01, 2009
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a class act, top notch
john ur such a henley
by dr.benton September 30, 2003
1. (n.) the unobtainable dream
2. (n.) a prestigious regatta held in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England starting in 1839 through present day
Dude we just won HENLEY!!!! HELL YEA!!!!!
by kait May 20, 2006
the meaning of strength/power of a well advanced gang/HED (highly educated delinquents), owned and proudly worn by the youths of Dufftown! team leader being a highly respected male by the russian mafia, initials G.R, such a jubiliant captain of the team, more solid than a brick wall! H4L

an extremely feared phrase by many clans including; moshers, goths, emo's, ALISTAIRS
im gonna henley you up meaning 'im gonna fuk you up'

back off muva henley meaning 'back off mother fucker'

H4L 'henleys 4 lyf'
by hairycarpet August 03, 2010
the clothing of the rich chav/ british jock/prep...the UK equivilant of abercrombie and fitch
Guy 1-who are they trying to fool, with their gelled hair,henleys t-shirts and swagger-walk?everyone can see theyre just chavs with money...

Guy 2-i know tell me about it...
by jay31189 March 06, 2011
A curvy , sexy girl. who also loves to give head. she has no gag reflex . She also always wears sexy high heeled boots. She has black people hair , its a beautiful blonde shade, and she uses ghetto black people hair stuff. She loves to flirt with guys and girls cause she thinks shes the shit. Also , she only dates older guys , cause she looks older. Id fuck her
guy 1: did you see that girl?
guy 2: thats totally a {henley}
guy 1: shes hot
guy 2: yeah she has no gag reflex.
by fuckinglovely November 09, 2011
normally a slut or bitch who is easily jealous of younger girls. She has an obesity problem and goes for younger more vaunerable boys.
yo sammi, that girl is flirting with your boyfriend, she's such a henley!
by pepperami August 10, 2008

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