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To have a gun on your person at any given time.
I'm packin heat now that I'm out all night downtown.
by Miklus August 07, 2006
Your parents parents, usually old. You may not want to visit them now, but when they open up, you will hear well-spun stories of their "glory days". And if you are lucky you will hear stories of their many diffrent conquests, being either drugs or boyfriends/girlfriends. War stories are a popular and exiting one. Maybe their immagration from a diffrent country in times of need. They will enjoy talking to their grandchildren, offering advice or just being in your presence. Enjoy them while they last, they are not here for ever.
Grandpa: "I remember when I was 22 and me and my friend bought some LSD and went train-hopping around Canada"

Grandchild: "really?"

Grandma: "Oh william! don't give bobby any ideas!"

Grandpa: *laughing* "but they were the best times of my life"

grandson: *thinking* 'I can't wait to tell my kids funny stories of drugs, drinking, and women!'
long live grandparents!
by miklus June 04, 2006
After an athlete has been playing water polo for a prolounged amount og time, the chlorine makes his (girls usually take care of their hair) hair fryed and intensly crazy, also makes it lighter.
Girl 1:"I looooovvve water polo players! they have great bodies, not to mention their awesome water polo hair!

Girl 2: YEAH
by miklus April 25, 2006
A small bag for holding marijuana. It also has bitchin designs on it.
mike: thanks man, OH SHIT, I don't wanna smoke this weed 'cause the gram bag has bitchin' l'il playboy bunnies on it!

derek: fuck you and get baked
by Miklus April 06, 2006
When not smashed, but baked to some extent you have the incredble urge to go wandering and steal candy from 7-11 for your munchdown and walk for a long discussing topics of our modern world.
ben: I snagged a couple creme eggs and a mars, you? *laughs*
mike: *snorts/giggles* a creme egg!

ben: haha egg!

mike: omands creek is only 3 miles away, let's make like hobos and go wandering there!

ben: yeah!! *snorts* hobos!
by Miklus April 08, 2006
A bigger then normal size beer. Usually domestic.
Man, Bobby just chugged a man can for 3 bucks!
by Miklus March 20, 2006
To run really fast, usually away from police or the fuzz.
mark: shit man, the fuzz saw us blazing!
liam: fuck, grab the weed and BOOK OUT!
by Miklus March 21, 2006

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