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When a person goes of on a tangent and completely destroys the conversation or atmosphere.
You are having a nice evening down the pub and you are explaining to the assembled crowd of friends something exciting or retelling an old story and you wander off on a massive tangent which at the end has either offended, confused, alienated or stunned your friends into a silence as they contemplate your mental health. Or one of your friends does that.

That is Tangentacide. Often followed by people sneaking away from the table, needing the toilet or finding out their friends are in dire trouble and they must leave.
by matthaisz October 08, 2010
Term to describe something incredibly cool.

Useful in situations where the term "fu*king cool" would be deemed inappropriate and/or where cool just won't hit it.

Add as extra dimension to the term "fu*king cool" because you are doubling up on the cool. There few things cooler than funky.

Best used as an adverb.
- This is funking cool

- You funking rock

- This is funking insane
by matthaisz October 08, 2010
To cause injury to yourself or others as a result of a flinch or flinching.

used as noun and verb
Scary movie you flinch and hit your girlfriend in the face. She has a flingery and you have caused a flingery.

Girlfriend pinches you because you said something inappropriate and you accidentally elbow her in the boob. Her boob pain is a flingery and you have caused a flingery.

A bee flies in your face and startles you, you flinch and smack your head against the wall, guess what that is? A flingery!
by matthaisz October 08, 2010
When someone goes off (often inappropriately) on a tangent about Blackpool FC and completely destroys the conversation.

Grown from tangentacide

Also used to highlight any other football related tangentacide
Person A: "I was watching the night sky with Patrick Morre last night and he said the sun"

Obnoxious Blackpool Fan/Person B: "is tangerine in places. Did I mention we beat Liverpool at Anfield!"

- Conversation Dies Completely

Person C: "That's Tangerinacide that"
by matthaisz October 08, 2010
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