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This is a term used to describe a random, out of place, unsightly hair. For example, one long eyebrow hair on an older man, a long dark hair on a woman's chin, or a darker hair growing out of a mole. Any single hair that is obvious and out of place where it is growing.

Etymology: 'Mr. Hair' was originally used by two high school girls in the early to mid-70's in Elgin, IL. The word was then passed down the family tree and eminated to other states in the US like IA and NC.
Dee: Laur, do you um, have hair around your nipples at all?
Laurie: (laughter) No, why?
Dee: Well, I mean, not any?
Laurie: No, why? (exposure of said area) Oh...uh, you have to take care of him. Wow.
Dee: Yeah.
Laurie: Go grab some tweezers and let Mr. Hair go on a wild adventure with the trash.
by KerriBeth January 20, 2008
An exclamation used when responding to something titillating with sarcasm, when there is an overt or hidden bit of truth in the mutual desire to achieve the goal of the original statement.

Etymology: The phrase was used by Floyd, the barber on The Andy Griffith Show (look up Floyd Lawson on Wikipedia for mroe info). Floyd said this expression frequently, evoking a wide stance mood to the scene.

The phrase is most effectively used when using a somewhat shaky, falsetto voice and possibly a Pat-like (SNL fame) chest stroke are used to accentuate the statement. Frequently used in Elgin, IL and greater Chicagoland area.
Bubbles: You want to get dinner?
Steve: I guess, what do you want?
Bubbles: Beer.
Steve: Oh Andy!
Bubbles: I guess we should get food too.
Steve: As long as there's beer, my body will live on.
by KerriBeth January 20, 2008
An explative alternative appropriate for friendly co-workers and acquaintances where full on use of explatives may or may not be well received. Or, commonly used when one has had a come to jesus meeting or a new years resolution to clean up the potty mouth.
co-worker uno: I just overheard the sup saying we have to work late.
co-worker dos: funk that. I'm heading out before they find me.
by KerriBeth January 20, 2008
A slang term used to describe the classic McDonald's breakfast sandwich, The Egg McMuffin.

Etymology: Word originating in Elgin, IL in the early 1980's due to the noise which has a tendency to be made when one is biting into this tasty treat. Most likely caused by the sliding, greasy ingredients of egg, cheese, and canadian bacon...and possibly the ingestor's teeth.
Kerri: Dude, what was that. Do you have egg farts already? That's disgusting.
Chris: Nooooooooo Terri!!!!!! It's my sandwich, I swear. Leave me alone!
Kerri: Whatever Kissyfur. Like a sandwich can make that noise.
Chris: No, it did! It's a Squeaker!!!!
by KerriBeth January 20, 2008

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