one of the many nick names for cannabis
yo man u got the funk?
by nevizit June 27, 2005
Black Music:
In former days it was used as a bad word for describing the alleged black Americans odor. About the late 50ties black people in America adapted the word and turned it into something positive (like say did with other words as well like 'bad'). So it became an expression reserved for black people meaning their lifestyle and upcoming self-confidence. Especially in Jazz music at that time it was a new style/type of playing called funky (e.g. Horace Silver and Jimmy Smith) which found it's way in the 60ties into R'n'B music and led to the creation to Funk music in the late 60ties with protagonists like James Brown, the meters, sly and the family stone and the bar kays... Funk had it's peak between the early and midseventies, before Disco came as a kind of fake-funk. Funk also can be seen as predecessor for Disco and for contamporary musical styles like Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Drum'n Bass, House, Big Beat and Crossover/Funkrock/Funkmetal. Which (exept the latter) all sample Funk Music.
James Brown: "It's got to be funky" and "Make it funky"
Lee Dorsey: "Everything I do gonna be funky from know on"
"James Brown's "the funky drummer" is one of the most sampled Funk songs"
by funkalot August 28, 2005
The maimi term for some good pot. FireFuego
Bro you got the funks??
by John Tamerian March 10, 2005
Another way to get away with saying the word "Fuck".
"Hey dude I funked your last night" or "What the funk are you doing".
by Hahn Daddy February 08, 2013
Slang term for marijuana originated in NoCo St.Louis.
I just ripped a bong of that Funk
by ProdigyStoner May 26, 2011
another word for the coolest person alive
man, that girl is funk
by teahee123 May 06, 2007
A genre of music that uses upbeat rhythms, syncopated basslines and slicey guitars to create music that's good for lovin' or for dancin'.

Funk uses earthy feelings and very African polyrhythms to create a home-cooked kind of sound. It was originally the hardest form of R&B and incorporated jazz in its own way, often meandering into long jams built on a single bass groove.

Some funk pioneers:
James Brown, whose sixties soul hits eventually moved into funk music. Brown was the least psychedelic out of the Trio of Funk Pioneers.

Sly and the Family Stone, who, as many funk bands, began as a psychedelic soul band. Taking the extended jamminess of psychedelica and the black rhythms of soul, they pioneered a new, poppier kind of funk with their album, Stand!.

George Clinton is the last major funk pioneer, and my own personal favourite. Also known as Dr. Funkenstein and Uncle Jam, Clinton's groups Parliament and Funkadelic (and the conglomeration, th P-Funk Allstars) was perhaps the most influential of all three pioneers as they brought funk to a more mainstream audience.

Other funky artists: The Meters, The Ohio Players, Bootsy's Rubber band, The O'Jays.

Artists that were influenced by funk encompass every hip-hop star who has ever had a funky beat. Other artists that were influenced by funk include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie (remember Young Americans?), Prince, Stevie Wonder, War (primarily the song Low Rider) and The Neptunes.
That new chili peppers song is pretty good- looks like they're going back to their funkier days.
by oxford blues May 21, 2005
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