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The act of beating your children into a coma with a tire iron.
I'm bored. Children get over here! I need to have fun.
by The King of my POOPY April 18, 2013
4 6
Man i had some fun last night!
by ThatGuyOverAtTheCorner February 25, 2012
1 3
Fucked Up Nipples
someone who's nipples are fucked up
Damn put your top on you got FUN's,

Those FUNs are hairy.
by THE ZIGG MYSTER June 05, 2010
8 10
F.U.N.S stands for fucked up nigga shit.
Man, what you did yesterday was f.u.n.s
by Thults March 30, 2007
3 5
Fun is an acronym for frequent undisturbed naughtiness
My Friend lives about forty miles from Dublin, near the Curragh in Co. Kildare. She sent me an email asking me to arrange to see her. She suggested we have coffee, have some fun and see the absurdity of the world.
by St Ias November 18, 2005
19 21
A term used in the hit PC Game Rainbow Six to describe a room that is hosted for the purpose of simply having fun, as opposed to matching.
Hey Chastise, u wanna get a 2v2?

No, I'm such a noob I better just stick to some funs.
by PHish aka BarryBonez July 29, 2008
1 4
An Acronym, scientifically spelled out to spell the following:
F- Fire that burns down the whole town.
U- uranium bombs
N- No survivors...(eventually interrupted by SpongeBob)
Dude 1 - Hey Dude 2, lets FUN.
Dude 2 - Dude 1, we're looking at some serious time here.
by ArigatooGozaimasu August 07, 2010
3 7