fun is equall to sex
wther lesbian or gay or straight, fucking =fun
mmmmm this is fun mabye next time we shoudl invite my little brother along
by hardcorecliche October 11, 2006
fun is when you are in bed with a loved partner and you are enjoying each others company cough cough!(forplay-sex)
me-baby you wanna have fun tonite?
by Tanyamozer August 14, 2004
a man and woman getting horny and having a shag
Man "do you want fun?"

Woman "ok"
by cfdsfghhjhnhgbcrrguyu May 14, 2003
Fun Is Sex.
Also see: dildo, orgasm and sexual orientation
James found sex fun when he finally experienced it
by PretzelMe July 17, 2006
FUN is an acronym for fucking usually nightime
My girlfriend asked her chum what she intended to do at the weekend. Her friend told her FUN
by St. Ias November 07, 2005
the act of fun, such as playing checkers or more.
"Oh gosh, yes, we did have fun. Shh!!"
fun, is getting really stoned
wanna have fun...then his this J
by Nick March 03, 2005

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