A chode indie band that makes chode music to sell to chode people.
Fun.'s "We Are Young" single makes the Backstreet Boys sound like Metallica
by a_user February 02, 2013

Bob: We're gonna have F.U.N tonight on BF3 huh?
Steve: Fuck yeah even though it didn't come out yet
by dsgvbdbhfjkdbnv October 08, 2011
refers to a type of sexual activity in which the giver uses their hands or fingers to create pleasure. i.e.:hand job/fingering
We had so much Fun last night.
by occhick4477 May 08, 2007
Killing zombies, simply put.
Random Survivor: Lets go get a chainsaw, and kill some zombies, it will be fun!

Other Random Survivor: I could sure go for some of that kind of fun!
by ChainsawCharlie March 20, 2007
an activity that brings a gleaming smile to you and the people around you's faces.
when someone does endless hours of beyonce practice. ya know several dip its, pop its, twork its, stopping on its and checking on its.
wow i had so much FUN beyoncing it today.
by Beyonceee December 21, 2006
fun is equall to sex
wther lesbian or gay or straight, fucking =fun
mmmmm this is fun mabye next time we shoudl invite my little brother along
by hardcorecliche October 11, 2006
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