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An Acronym, scientifically spelled out to spell the following:
F- Fire that burns down the whole town.
U- uranium bombs
N- No survivors...(eventually interrupted by SpongeBob)
Dude 1 - Hey Dude 2, lets FUN.
Dude 2 - Dude 1, we're looking at some serious time here.
by ArigatooGozaimasu August 07, 2010
3 7
Being lightly choked to the point of light-headed, dizziness.
'I enjoyed last night, I had fun.'
by DATSHITISWEIRD March 04, 2012
1 6
refers to a type of sexual activity in which the giver uses their hands or fingers to create pleasure. i.e.:hand job/fingering
We had so much Fun last night.
by occhick4477 May 08, 2007
11 16
to skeet, jizz, nut, whatever you wanna call it.
Eww! he had fun all over my leg! It got on my flip flops!!
by ~Kaitlyn*$ November 07, 2004
15 20
a man and woman getting horny and having a shag
Man "do you want fun?"

Woman "ok"
by cfdsfghhjhnhgbcrrguyu May 14, 2003
9 14
Fuck You Nigga
fuckin ugly nigga
Josh-dem pants look gay bro
Johnny- maaaannnn f.u.n

Johnny-Josh nigga u ugly
Josh- I kno u aint talkin u f.u.n
by YungLou September 29, 2009
8 14
Killing zombies, simply put.
Random Survivor: Lets go get a chainsaw, and kill some zombies, it will be fun!

Other Random Survivor: I could sure go for some of that kind of fun!
by ChainsawCharlie March 20, 2007
4 10