The act of beating your children into a coma with a tire iron.
I'm bored. Children get over here! I need to have fun.
by The King of my POOPY April 18, 2013
adj. when something is both what you would like to do and something that makes you happy but not necessarily enjoyable.
Golly. Drawing those squares sure was fun - but that doesn't necessarily mean I enjoyed it.
by Definitely not Andrew January 11, 2013
Fun is an acronym for frequent undisturbed naughtiness
My Friend lives about forty miles from Dublin, near the Curragh in Co. Kildare. She sent me an email asking me to arrange to see her. She suggested we have coffee, have some fun and see the absurdity of the world.
by St Ias November 18, 2005
blackman:wat the fuck does that mean
whiteboy:Fuck U Nigger
blackman:*shoots him*
by yoyo26 January 11, 2009
Being lightly choked to the point of light-headed, dizziness.
'I enjoyed last night, I had fun.'
by DATSHITISWEIRD March 04, 2012
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