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something you say when something goes wrong
Bob:Holy fudgenuts, I forgot my weed at home..
by BLAH October 01, 2003
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A condition often encountered by men with bowel overmobility issues. It occurs as a result of accidentally, or sometimes purposefully, releasing feces into overly tight undergarments without removing them first. As a result of the close proximity between a man's rectum and testicles, FudgeNuts occurs as feces squishes and smears all over the scrotum in a very fudgey manner.
Yo, nigga. I shouldn't have eaten that damn taco salad, cuz now I gots me some FudgeNuts. Know what I'm sayin?
by EatMyJunk July 26, 2010
a replacement for the word "fuck", when using it as an interjection. This word cannot be used when saying something like, "fuck this."
Girl: Fudgenuts! I just cut my finger!
Girl's Friend: Wow, that sucks.
by Mrs. CDI October 21, 2011
A another way for expressing anger instead of using the usual cuss words.
Fudgenut! I forgot how to do this.
by steezybeezy January 24, 2009
a male who sucks other males balls
Hey John you're a fudgenut!
by G-rag February 13, 2004
1. A male who is obsessed with the posteriors of other males, probably considering unnatural relations with said posterior
2. A person who cannot get quite enough anal copulation
3. A person who loves to consume fudge who's first name may begin with T and last name with B
"That fudgenut was checking you out again as you walked by"
"That fudge nut is poking up against me again"
"Look! that fudgenut ate 35lbs of fudge and still weighs only 109 lbs!"
by theee Doctor January 26, 2007
An absolutely retarded dumbass, dipshit, fuckhead, asshole, whatever. Everybody knows at least one.
--Allright! Why in the hell did you do that, Fudgenuts?!?!!?
by KenPone April 22, 2003

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