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The phrase used to describe a one-legged man wearing very short cutoff blue jeans, and his penis is hanging out the pantleg on the side where his leg is missing. These men appear as though they have a dick for a leg. And, some of these men also choose to wear an infant's shoe on the end of their cock for better traction.
Damn, I hate the VA hospital. There's just too man dick legs around here.
by EatMyJunk April 21, 2009
An ass that is so flat and unremarkable that it appears as though a person's legs are hooked directly to their back, and there is no ass in between. People with ass leg syndrome frequently wear pants that jack way up their crack, usually causing shit stains in their undergarments. People who are afflicted with this particular abnormality do not ever get laid because candidates for sexual activity have significant difficulty in finding the ass legged person's crotch, which is of course a prerequisite for sex.
Dude1: Damn, I'm really drunk and I need to get laid. I'd fuck that chick over there, but she's got an ass leg.

Dude2: Yeah, well you're mom's got an ass leg too, but that didn't stop your dad. How did he ever find youre mom's pussy anyway? Her ass leg would've thrown me off while hunting for her snatch.
by EatMyJunk April 27, 2009
A condition often encountered by men with bowel overmobility issues. It occurs as a result of accidentally, or sometimes purposefully, releasing feces into overly tight undergarments without removing them first. As a result of the close proximity between a man's rectum and testicles, FudgeNuts occurs as feces squishes and smears all over the scrotum in a very fudgey manner.
Yo, nigga. I shouldn't have eaten that damn taco salad, cuz now I gots me some FudgeNuts. Know what I'm sayin?
by EatMyJunk July 26, 2010
A favorite dish enjoyed by many white folks in the northeastern United States. Since the early 1800's it has been a meal enjoyed at Ku Klux Klan meetings and Methodist churches. The secret to it's wonderful taste is the fact that it contains the cuttings and drippings from jigaboos of all ages and genders, and some brown sugar, too.
There's nothing like a nice bowl of New England Klan Chowder after a juicy lynching.
by EatMyJunk July 28, 2010
The name commonly given to people who worship shit. For example: 1. People who eat their shit or the shit of others. 2. People who have a shrine in their home and pray to Shitzi ( the Greek god of shit ). 3. People who lay big shits in the toilet, or in their bed, and bring their friends in to inspect the glory. 4. People who worship having shit on their penises so much that they go around ramming their cocks in the shitholes of many dogs.
Guy1: Man, my damn toilet is clogged up!
Guy2: Hey, call Daniel. He'll fix it. He'll shove his arm up in there and pull that turd right out. Yeah, he's a real shitmonk.
by EatMyJunk April 24, 2009
Nigger bitches who think they are the shit, and they are so hot that even white people want to fuck them. They always have nasty, stinking snatches because they've been living in the ghetto getting fucked by every nasty nigger crackhead in there, drinking malt liquor, eating french fries, and farting all over themselves all day. White people vomit all over themselves when they see one of these filthy specimens approaching them.
White Husband: Hey, sweetheart, do you wanna go down town to see the ballet tonight?

White Wife: Fuck no, goddammit, the alley next to the theater is filled up with those disease ridden afro-americunt bitches. I don't want to throw up all over my new dress! I'll go to the KKK meeting with you tonight, though, honey. They're serving some of that delicious New England Klan Chowder tonight.
by EatMyJunk August 18, 2011

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