A much-needed vacation taken by married people, without their children, allowing plenty of opportunity for sexual intercourse.
"I'm so tired of being interrupted by the kids every time I'm trying to get laid, it's about time the Mrs. and I take a little fuckation."
by phat marie January 13, 2010
Top Definition
A vacation with your FWB (preferably somewhere tropical) where you plan to do nothing but have sex, drink, and lay on the beach.
Next week I'm heading to Jamaica for a fuckation with that booty call I met last month.
by spinnster December 22, 2008
A short trip with the sole purpose of fucking. There may be little to no sleep involved in a fuckation.
Wanna hook up? I need a fuckation.
by AW69 December 16, 2010
described as a vacation you really don't want to take. if you'd rather close your face in a car door, you are on a fuckation. it can always be a crappy vacation in hindsight. it can also be with a bunch of people who you can't stand (i.e. family members) who in general, you'd like to kill. if you envision a serial killer spicing up the vacation, this is also a fuckation.
"We went camping in the woods this weekend. What a fuckation."
by jlschen April 24, 2009
A type of vacation where the goal is not to shop, go to museums or to visit theme parks- the only goal is to...fuck-a lot.

Works best if it is well-planned and your fuckee or fucker plans to go with you.
Dude, I wish I was still with Sally- I sure could use a fuckation too!
by felipita June 15, 2010
Taking a vacation at home with your special ladyfriend and saving money by never leaving the bed.
I don't have any money for our anniversary so we're going to stay home and have a fuckation instead.
by Harmon Yall January 11, 2013
applicable only to bachelors/married men whose jobs are away from their girlfriends/wives...AKA overseas workers...AKA blueballers.

This is the time of year they can finally have sex since they can't get any in the rat-holes they're in...AKA the middle east.

Also called "annual oilchange".
1. Dicky's so excited about his fuckation he's already humping while going down the plane.

2. I know how excited he was about his fuckation I advised him to wear a condom before entering the airport.

After 30-days...

Me: "Hey Dicky, how's fuckation?"
Dicky: "Oh man, I can't wait for another one next year..."
by prodidyey May 10, 2010
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