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douche + asshole. thereby, making the person in question, more of a douche and an asshole at the same time. generally used with people who just drive you crazy and calling them anything else just seems too little. it was invented for frank lampard.
That Frank Lampard is such a douchehole.
by jlschen April 24, 2009
described as a vacation you really don't want to take. if you'd rather close your face in a car door, you are on a fuckation. it can always be a crappy vacation in hindsight. it can also be with a bunch of people who you can't stand (i.e. family members) who in general, you'd like to kill. if you envision a serial killer spicing up the vacation, this is also a fuckation.
"We went camping in the woods this weekend. What a fuckation."
by jlschen April 24, 2009
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