Your genitals. Your reproductive organs. Private parts. Esp. the males.

Evolution of the terms "junk" and "garbage."
I just got kicked in the fuck up.
by Grizzly_Addams December 17, 2003
Someone who is weird, and tries to be a fag and think they are all cool, like trying to just get action from a girl but doesn't care.
That guy just looks at my boobs, he is a FUCKUP!
by ToDDMaN! May 26, 2003
Attempts to roll the perfect joint that result in failure. One example of a fuck up is the type of joint know as 'the tampon' which is too tight at one end and too thick at the other.
It takes me about 5 fuck ups to make the perfect joint.
by Goth Doll July 05, 2016
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