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When ya really f-ing messed Up!! thingz friends usually chant when they think you are in some serious shit man. when ya got some mental or "physical" issues!!
man you failed that fuckin test you are a real FUCK UP!!!
by hellokittypal May 30, 2007
10 18
Noun A job that was an utter failure.
Yeah, Andrew did another fuck up on plant 4.
by The Walrus March 24, 2003
13 22
something that's messed up
John is a stoned fuck up.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
32 41
Can be used to tell someone to back up, or back off.
1:"Your mums a hoe"
2:"Fuck up cunt"
by Pooneriser April 12, 2005
14 26
when making somebody angry by making a mess.
What are you doing man, you are just mugging around the building, just call that slut and get the money. You heard what I said, Don't fuck up the job, just call her and get the shit out of there. You hear me, son of a bitch. Just call her you mug, call her.........Ok you fucking bitch at last. What the fuck? you are mugging with the girl, oh my fucking shit, just finish it off you ass, just ask for the money, what are you doing . I am gonna kill that asshole if he fuck up my buisness, this is enough Im calling big guys. Fuck you, you son of a bitch there you ask for the money at last.
by yeehan March 07, 2006
13 26
What hookers do when they're on the bottom.
"Are you just going to lay there?!?!? FUCK UP!!!"
by FUHK-uHHP July 20, 2003
13 26
can replace the word "eat"
i could really "fuck up" a cheese burger right now
by saledin August 17, 2006
13 29