a misguided attempt to explain the origins of the word fuck(which is most likely germanic). sometimes said to stand for "Fornication Under Consent of King" or "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge", both of which are false.
Man I'm so fucking stupid I thought F.U.C.K. was an acronym that created the word fuck.
by eldi October 31, 2005
There are several urban-legend fake etymologies postulating an acronymic origin for the word. In the most popular version, it is said that the word "fuck" came from Irish law. If a couple committing adultery were "Found Under Carnal Knowledge" they would be penalized, with "FUCK" written on the stocks above them to denote the crime. Alternative explanations for "fuck" as an acronym for adultery pin it as "Fornication Under Cardinal/Carnal Knowledge". Another story is that it was written in the log book as "FUCK" when people in the military or navy who had homosexual intercourse were being punished. Variants of this include "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge",
In other words your F.U.C.K'D
by ~*~Manda~*~ December 19, 2005
Can be used as almost every word in a sentence.
Fuck the fucking fuckers!
by Ian December 26, 2003
The word every other word is linked to on Urban Dictionary.
It All begins and ends with FUCK.
by The Lunch Maker! May 07, 2008
This acronym never was. It is an attempt to make an acronym out of the word FUCK, which origins date back several centuries and has always had a meaning associated with the sexual act, and this is the reason that it was taboo to include it in printed books; which has only made it more difficult to get to the origin of the word. The word may have been derived from a man named: "John le Fucker", a scoundrel and a cad, possibly even a sexual predator, as early as 1278. From this, others were compared to this man, i.e.: "You're just another fucker.", and also the reason prostitutes refer to their clients as "Johns". Printed usage of the current spelling dates back to a 15th century poem. The poem, which satirizes the Carmelite friars of Cambridge, England, called "Flen flyys," written in a mixture of Bastard Latin and Middle English about some wayward Monks. The relevant line (in B.L.) reads: "Non sunt in celi quia fuccant uuiuys of heli", which translated means: "They the monks are not in heaven because they fuck the wives of Ely.". Monks were supposed to be celibate (not engaging in sexual relations), hence the reason they would not be in heaven as the poem states. Ely, the town referenced in the poem, is a small town near Cambridge, England. The best acronym I've ever heard for F.U.C.K. is shown below:
I was once taught that F.U.C.K. stood for "From Understanding Comes Kindness", which is another way of describing the tender act of lovemaking.
by R. Hitchcock April 17, 2008
to have sex
i fucked you up the ass
by Laura Anne Flynn January 07, 2009
The only word in the english language that is referred to as the "F" word. Comes from the german word freichen (pronounced: Fry-kin) which means "To Strike". Urbanly has various Definitions: As a transitive verb, pain, pleasure, hate and love. Is also a Transitive verb, Intransitive verb, Ajective, Parts of an adverb, Adverb inhancing an ajective, Noun, Parts of words, almost every word in a sentence, Describes the words fraud, dismay, trouble, Difficulty, Inquiry, Dissatisfaction, Incompetence and dismissal.
Transitive verb: John f ucked Shirley. Intrasitive verb: Shirley f ucks. Adjectvie: John is doing all the f ucking work. Part of an adverb: Shirley talks to f ucking much. Adverb inhancing an ajective: Shirley is f ucking beautiful. A noun: I dont give a f uck. As part of a word: Abso-f ucking-lutely or in-f ucking-credible. As almost every word in a sentence: F uck the f ucking f uckers. Fraud: I got f ucked at the used car lot. Dismay: Aw, f uck it. Trouble: I guess I'm really f ucked now. Agression: Don't f uck with me, buddy. Difficulty: I don't understand this f ucking question. Inquiry: Who the f uck was that? Dissatisfaction: I don't like what the f uck is going on here. Incompetence: He's a f uck off. Dismissal: Why don't you go outside and play go f uck yourself.
by Hugh G. Rekshon November 17, 2007

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