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Friday After Class at the University of Iowa

A lot of colleges have "happy hour," but FAC is in a league of its own.

(pronounced F.A.C., not "fack")
"I went to FAC at SpoCo and played flippy cup."

"I FACed at DC's and played quarters."
by DTF at FAC August 30, 2009
162 57
(uw madison) friday after class
they've got fac drink specials at Brothers
by m March 21, 2005
138 92
abrevaiation for 'funny as cancer'. used for when someones said something that was supposed to be funny but really isnt.
"why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side"
"mate thats fac"
by joejoejoejoejoe June 13, 2007
86 67
F.A.C. stands for Friday Afternoon Chiefin'.
to smoke weed on a friday afternoon.
Bob: What do you want to do today?
Seymour: Let's F.A.C. today.
Bob: Hell Yeah
by jheremy g October 25, 2009
32 18
Stands for Family and Consumer Science
Oh man we have to go to FACS again!
by Quenetteo October 19, 2005
14 6
fucking autocorrect ... when your phone changes what you meant to say
me: i've got sticky cum in my pocket
them: WTF?!?!
me: a stick of gum ... fac
by dycc.v ufuof ydfi; gi/ogu.g u/ April 05, 2011
8 6
Friday Afternoon Club. Bars have drink specials, possibly pool tourneys or music shows to celebrate the end of the work week.
"You want to go get a drink Friday after class?"

"Can't, I have to work FAC at the bar."
by Bartender Betty August 08, 2008
19 18