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1. The Australian Prime Minister from 1996 onwards.
2. A cockney rhyming slang for coward.
1. John Howard boards the plane again for another G.W Bush asskiss.
2. My goshness, you are a JOHN HOWARD.
by Yummymummy October 04, 2006
The F word. Its versatility as a word is rarely seen in the common lexicon.
It can be used as a noun: "Damn! That fuck got away!"
As both a prefix and a suffix to a noun: "Hey, fuckface, are you up for a dogfuck?"
As a verb: "That dog is hot; I'd fuck her like I fucked your mom!"
In Russian Reversal: "In Soviet Russia, goat fucks YOU!!"
As an adjective: "That fucking Protestant won't get away with it."
As a transitive verb: "John fucks Shirley."
As an intransitive verb: "Shirley fucks."
As a place/name: "Oh, I feel so nice in my Fuck"
As a way to command: "Go eat shit fuckers.
As a proper noun: "I am Fuck! Fuck of the Mountain!"
As an adverb: "Hermes traipsed fuckfully through the leafy glade."
As an indefinite pronomina: "How many countries in EU do you know? Man, I don't know fuck!"
An excellent interjection between syllables: Abso-fucking-lutely not. That's de-fucking-licous"
As a substitute for song lyrics you can't remember: "Billie Fuck fuck not my lover, she's just a fuck who fuck that I fuck the fuck. But fuck in the fuck fuck fuck donkey."
As a Holy Word: "Holy Fuck!"
Dismissal: "Why don't you go outside and play Hide-and-go-Fuck-yourself"
Greetings:"Who the fuck are you?"
Dismay: "Oh, fuck it."
Trouble: "Well, I guess I'm fucked again."
Aggression: "Fuck you!!!"
Disgust: "Fuck me!!!"
Confusion: "What the fuck...?"
Difficulty: "I don't understand this fucking thing."
Incompetence: "He fucks up everything."
Confusion: "What the fuck is going on?"
Lost: "Where the fuck are we? In the middle of fucking nowhere!"
Drunk: "Where the fuck am I?"/"Who the fuck am I?"/"What the fuck am I doing?"/"What the fuck did I just do?!"/"...and why the fuck do I have the lyrics to a song called Lambo-Lambo stuck in my head?!"
Lust: "I'll fuck you with a rake."
Disbelief: "Unbe-fucking-lievable!!!"
More Disbelief: "In-fucking-credible"
Anger: "Who fucked me?"
Pain: "Oh, FUCK!"
Pleasure: "Oh, FUCK!"
Starting a relationship: "Let's fuck now!"
Quickly ending the relationship you just started: "Fuck..."
Sincerity: "I fucking love Kamchatka."
Ignorance: "Who the fuck is Alice?"
A fucking cute kitten.
Hate: "You Fuck!"
A poker hand: "A Royal Fuck."
Denial: "I didn't fucking do it."
Perplexity: "I know fuck all about it."
Apathy: "Who gives a fuck?"
Carelessness: "Fuck that."
Resignation: "Oh fuck it."
Panic: "Let's get the fuck out of here!"
Directions: "Fuck off."
Incestuous: "Mother Fucker."
I have a headache: "Go fuck yourself."
Fatigue: "I'm absolutely fucked."
Nautical: "Fuck the Admiral!"
Reproach: "You fucking killedâ„¢ me"
Insanity: "I'm fucked up"
Parachute malfunctions: "FUCK."
In Conjunction with 'god': "Oh My Fucking God!"
Prayer: "Oh my fucking God!"
Being stabbed: "Oh my fucking God!"
Being raped by an invisible man: "Oh my fucking God!"
Being raped by an invisble woman: "Oh My Fucking GOD! YES!"
Winning the Lottery: "Oh My Fucking God!"
Losing the Lottery: "Oh My Fucking God!" (especially if you spent your last few bucks on a ticket, you penniless loser)
brevity: "fuck"
Anger: "Jesus fucking christ!"
by yummymummy March 16, 2007
A suffix that can be put into any word to add empasis (crappified, balloonified)
-ified examples
He looks crappified.
Those breasts are balloonified.
by Yummymummy October 03, 2006
Stupid copy-cat slang word site to Urban Dictionary. So less words and no freedom-you have to "SIGN IN"
Take a look at Pseudo Dictionary's layout! So darn unattractive...
by Yummymummy October 04, 2006
Usually used in chat rooms when you have nothing to say. Also used by noobs who don't know what lol means.
<Go-figure> My Mum just died :(
<DriverMan> LOL
<fag> LOL, that's so sad.
<parfay> LOL :(
<drunk> LOL
<gaylord> I feel your loss
<gaylord> LoL
<fust0r> LoL, Hope it wasn't a long and painful death
<Go-figure> Thanks guys your the bestest intarweb pals i get and got!
<drunk> We're always here for you, LOL.
by Yummymummy April 29, 2007
What some people use as a primary point of their reference.
<Uncyclopedian> Wow, I never knew fat people were countries!
by yummymummy March 17, 2007
Where all the people are women.
A: Man is not a country
B: It's the Isle of Man, dicknose!
A: They're all women
by yummymummy January 22, 2007
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