Bryce Meier- " if there is a will or a way, I will fuck it up beyond recoginition"
"Fuck Up"-Fuckin everything up in his path, reckless, not giving 3 fucks, and drinking a 5th of Jack and chasing ir with 4 locos
by Eastern Kentucky U December 15, 2011
Often said in anger when you want someone to be quiet, leave you alone and go away.

A way to reject someone's claim.
Boss: Get back to work and stop wasting company time.

Worker: Fuck Up
by Chai_Chai April 22, 2010
when someone fucks up bad and they have to start alll over in life.
ok I went to school I saw someone talk trash and call me a fuck up.
by Wisdomgirl December 21, 2013
joseph and orla in respect to thier actions
joseph and orla are fuckups :)
by jjcooney597 November 18, 2010
someone who hates themselves because they fucked up, and then fucks up more because they hate themselves for fucking up. The semi-fuck-up can be cured, but for a full on case, there is little hope.
John walked to his friend's house, and on the way, he realized he forgot to bring his buddy's xbox controller to give back. John realized he'd fucked up. Then, John got mad at himself for fucking up the xbox situation. He then proceded to be a douche to everyone he saw for the whole rest of the day, just because he forgot the controller. Then, he got pissed at himself for being a douche, and did lots of drugs. John was a fuck-up. He just couldn't stop fucking up.
by Bananabuffalo June 21, 2013
A person who is all around fucked up but they don't even know it. They think they are acting normal but overall this sober S.O.B. is acting like a drunk bitch. Spontaneous, crazy, loud, NEVER makes sense, and sings to themselves.
You crazy Fuck Up, seriously Francheska you are a Fuck Up
by somebodywho October 23, 2011
-another word then messing up
-cannot be used sexually way as in making out,kissing, having sex, basically nothing sexual
- screwing up or making a mistake
Marie: Darlene! YOU CANNOT FUCK UP!
Darlene: I will not fuck up, because ill make it perfect with no flaws.
by Jaden Flavis July 11, 2011

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