Mititary + now general usage for fucking up big time!
Fucked up beyond all recognition! - F.U.B.A.R (FUBAR)
Thought of this cos done a couple in the last 24hrs :-( I'm on 5.41, but a classic example of defining the word starts around 6.20. The pilot describes one major fuck-up........FUBAR!!
Was the first time i'd heard it, but understand it comes from the German word 'Furchtbar'
by Mag7g July 29, 2011
I know it a little different:
Like when you try to save some money on a tune up and, in the process of doing it yourself, break your distributor body and, in the process of putting in a new distributor got the timing all out of place so the car won't run and breaks down twenty miles from home in the middle of the night. In that instance you would tell the towtruck driver "Well, I guess I fubar'd that damn thing (At least that's what I told my tow truck driver when I did it).
by jehjeh3711 March 19, 2009
acronym: meaning f*cked up beyond all recognition. Often used by military personnel.
Sgt, that weapon is FUBAR!
by Sapper Daddy July 02, 2007
fucked up beyond all recognition
That dude was on pills, smoke, drink, and some more s**t!! He was fubar. Couldn't function or anything!!
by kalebintexas May 17, 2009
A military acronym used when things could not get any worse. Stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition - FUBAR.
" hot food, no warm beds, all night patrols, not enough equipment, and no beer in site. Damn...this mission is FUBAR."

"Crap, Sarge got hit with a mortar and is now FUBAR'ed."
by MAB91c December 10, 2009
Fuc#ed up beyond all regocniton
This thing is fubar man
by Spud1467 July 15, 2008
fucked up beyond all recognition
anything to do with the military is fubar
by big sarg January 26, 2007
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