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F.U.B.A.R meaning F*cked up beyond all recognition is an acronym made popular by a movie called,"Tango & Cash" staring Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell,and Teri Hatcher.
girl 1~i have an exam in 3 different subjects on the same day
girl 2~thats totally fubar
by VvDarkRaynevV November 21, 2011
F- fucked
U- up
B- beyond
A- all
R- recognition

Primarily a military term used to describe an event that has gone totally wrong
I had a date with her that went totally FUBAR

The mission that the Sgt sent us on was FUBAR

She/he looks totally FUBAR
by ICADATRUTH October 26, 2011
Fucked up beyond all recognition
by Andraste October 21, 2010
That car was in an accident. It is fubar!
That guy was assaulted so badly. the doctor said he was fubar..
by drdolittle September 21, 2010
Fuck up beyond all reason
You are in a LT relationship and you turn to your partner and say if we are still single thats a major fubar
by Libbie the Lush March 12, 2010
fucked up beyond recognition
What the fuck happened to your face its FUBAR man.

Dude i wiped out and now my board is fubar.
by trezmun October 13, 2009
fucked up beyond all recognition
The snowman was taking shape, but once Jill started helping, it quickly became fubar.
by Qaz668 November 26, 2007