A military acronym used when things could not get any worse. Stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition - FUBAR.
"Damn...no hot food, no warm beds, all night patrols, not enough equipment, and no beer in site. Damn...this mission is FUBAR."

"Crap, Sarge got hit with a mortar and is now FUBAR'ed."
by MAB91c December 10, 2009
fucked up beyond all recognition
by reapthis April 21, 2011
Short form of: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

Messed up or wrecked object.

Messed up or wrecked person.
Did you see that accident? That car was totally fubar'd

Man I was drunk last night, I was so fubar'd I passed out in the driveway.
by psychodad June 02, 2009
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition; another military term usually used when plans don't go the way they were supposed to go.
We got our asses handed to us out there. This plan was FUBAR from the beginning.
by DMT1719 March 11, 2009
fucked up beyond all recognition
'run faster tom, you twat'
' i can't! he's just too fast'
'well if that mug of a gimp catches us, he'll fuck our asses till we are both fubar!'
by lukelindsey August 13, 2008
An acronym, stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. A simple statement that can be used to describe (a) looks or (b) state of physical being.
(a) Bob: I'm way gone is that chick alright lookin'?
Ted: Woah, stay back she's FUBAR!

(b) Fred: How ya' feelin' this morning sparky?
Jim: I...am...FUBAR.
by SallyTheSpaz December 09, 2007
it ushually stands for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition"
and can be used in both actually situations or online and such.
"Tim picked a fight with some huge black guy when he was drunk last night. now hes in the hospital totally fubar."

"my car is F.U.B.A.R. after teh crash"
by andre el grande August 26, 2006

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