A total disaster.

F*cked up beyond all recognition
F*cked up beyond all repair
It's F.U.B.A.R.
#f'd #fubar #f'd up #fouled up #fup duck.
by TessB4 April 28, 2006
Isn't there anyone left who remembers World War II where this acronym originated?

FUBAR=Fucked Up By Army Regulations

The other great acronym from that war is also now part of the language:
SNAFU=Situation Normal All Fucked Up
"This is an outfit where Fubar is King!"
#snafu #barracks humor #gallows humor #irony #humor under fire
by charlie castle May 15, 2006
A slang acronym/term used by Allied soldiers in WWII.


FUBAR may have been influenced by the German word furchtbar, meaning terrible. (soft cht)
Mellish: Fucked up beyond all recognition.
Upham: FUBAR.

Nagasaki was FUBAR after "Fat-Man" was dropped.
#fubar #fucked up #raped #fucked up beyond all recognition #f*d up
by higginshu March 02, 2008
Fucked up beyond all recoginition
After 15 accidents in 4 miles, the driving instructor said to the student, I don't know which is more FUBAR, you or the car.
#trashed #totalled #fucked up #unrecognizable #wasted
by Sam the Sham August 01, 2006
Fucked Up beyond All Recognition. Generally used in the context of a situation/operation/mission that is messed up so bad it is beyond salvaging. FUBAR comes after ATFU. Also generally used when describing something that is akin to a Monkey Shit Fight.
When I started working for this company, I just figured their M.O. was SNAFU, however, after a few months, I realized they were just ATFU, now given their current state, they are FUBAR.
#atfu #snafu #fubar #monkey s*** fight #monkey
by JSP123 October 12, 2008
Acronym for F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition.
Your mom's face is F u b a r after blowing her face off.
#fubar #f*ck #owned #f u b a r #not fubar
by Special Edward December 22, 2007
Fucked up beyond all repair
As in a failed military operation which got pwned
by Barnaby Lane November 22, 2003
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