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When worn by a woman, indicates her willingness(even though she may not desire) to engage in anal sex
Amber knew that her period would not stop her from getting laid tonight because she was wearing white pants.
by R. Bones March 24, 2008
1225 431
A stylish piece of apparel...if you enjoy or desire a man's penis repeatedly inserted in your butt.
Jeff looks great in those white pants but I don't think anyone at this party wants to give him anal tonight.
by Danger Ape October 23, 2008
551 220
A derogatory term for an underage girl. Derived from the white cotton underpants worn by girls too young to buy their own lingerie.
"Man, avoid that Tiffany chick. She may look old enough but she's nothing but a white-pants jailbait DT punchcard.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
48 27
A pair of slacks colored white.
Jeez, Josiah's wearing his white-pants again!
by Randi March 28, 2004
14 28
Pants worn by lesbians, especially lipstick lesbians, and usually with colorful panties underneath.
There's Melissa and her butch, Michelle, how many times has Melissa worn white pants this week?
by shortlesbianlover October 11, 2010
93 133
a code word referring to ecstasy. to be used when around inappropriate or unsuspecting company, i.e. parents, teachers, probation officers.
K: Man last night was crazy!
M: What were you on?
K: I had my WHITE pants on, if you know what I mean...
by Kat November 21, 2004
93 238
A lad who is soft and can't handle his beer. Would also do anything his girlfriend asks him to do.
spendy: where is gilly?
bob: upstairs on the phone telling his girlfriend he loves her
spendy: what a white pants
by Bob Davies May 28, 2005
68 248