a slang term used by twig flipper(skateboarders)To insult us bladers.Which skateboarders that realise when we hit a rail if we screw up once thats it we take a way bigger crazy that just falling on our ass.Skateboarders for some reason started to hate on us i dunno why i guess because it only takes a month to get from newbiestatus to begginer status.Little do they know since skateboarders insulted us and made sure blading wont be that big of a deal.Going pro in this sport is almost impossible since htey made sure companies will show death ears to us.You have to be extremely good to even get to Amateur status were bladers that are good enough can actually participate in rigourous competitions.Most competitions involve pro and Amateur bladers trying to out show each other and show alot of people what they are mad eof.
A Amatuer blader is the equivalent of a skateboarder who hgas gone pro.But since blading isnt so popular.For a company to invest and for a blader to go pro a Amateur blading has to have something special particarly really really extremely advance skills int he trade of blading that will stand out form the other Amateur bladers.Also Amateur bladers who participate and win alot of competitions.Particular IMITY
im a blade ryes i am
by lordblazer October 10, 2004
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A person who rollerblades.
Originally used by skateboarders who can't get over the fact that there are people who actually like things that they don't.
Yo, that fruitbooter is ill.
by Densyl May 13, 2004
a fruit booter is an inline skater
i am proud to be a fruit booter
by nick alvinator October 07, 2004
A derogatory name used by skateboarders to describe rollerbladers. Not all rollerbladers. Just the snotty ones that cut you off just after you drop in, and right before you're getting ready to set a grind.
"Get out of my way you fucking frootbooter!"

"Get of the planet you lame ass!"
by go big or go home. June 07, 2005
A negative term used to insult a roller blader
Skater Kid: Man, that guy is such a fruit booter, skateboarding actualy takes SKILL!
by cooooooooooooooooooooooooollll November 23, 2006
A Rollerblader
Guy: You Rollerblade?
Girl: Yup, im a Fruit Booter!
Guy: Yeh Me too!
by Taco April 17, 2004
a derogatory term used for rollerbladers. the term came about in the 90's during the rollerblading trend. rollerblading was generally viewed as dorky and not nearly as difficult as skateboarding, biking and other so called extreme sports.
don't those fruitbooters know they're not allowed in our skatepark?

man, my mom has been taking rollerblading lessons from some fruitbooter.
by darkmugan May 27, 2005
Rollerbladers. Often refered to as fruitbooters by skateboarders as a derogatory term.
Fucking fruitbooters are taken over the skatepark.
by Kohl June 17, 2006
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