A name given to 'roller bladers' by skate boarders to make them feel bad but in return, brings us together (better than skateboarders) and sorry for getting in your way at the skate park your highnesses -sarcasm to skate boarders-
skateboarder: dude i just grinded a rail that was 666 feet long
Fruit Booter: dude wake up you push wood not boot fruit
by someone who loves what they do March 15, 2011
A fruit booter is someone who believes that imitating skateboard culture will improve their social standing, but is unable to skateboard. They wear impractical plastic boots with wheels attached to the bottom as an excuse to hang out in skate parks and look like they are participating in an extreme sport without having to develop any skills. Because their "sport" (If jumping rope is a sport, I guess inline skating is too) is so often criticized, fruit booters usually have an irritable, defensive attitude when interacting with skaters and will typically insist that roller-blading is "better than skateboarding," thus alienating themselves from the skate community and remaining losers.
Skateboarder: "Hey pal, the city just opened up a new park. Lets go check it out."

Fruit Booter: "Sounds like a plan! Lemme just attach a pair of heavy, uncomfortable plastic boots to my feet, stuff my shoes in a backpack, and blow out my aromatherapy candles so we can go."

Skateboarder: "Why is the plastic dyed purple with swirls of yellow around the shiny silver buckles?"

Fruit Booter: "I've yet to determine my own sexual orientation!"

(The skateboarder, disgusted with his acquaintance's poor judgement and apparent lifestyle confusion, exits the scene)
by Michael is March 21, 2007
a person whos stuffs his shoes with fruit hence the name fruitbooter
joe filled his shoes with lemons fruitbooter
by ThePoorGuy September 03, 2006
antagonistic description of a rollerblader by certain narrow minded, misguided skateboarders who are all the more insular for failing to acknowlege the complete superiority of rollerblading over skateboarding regarding overall possibilities.
By now the term has been embraced and thus ironically inverted in meaning and delexicalized as an insult.
If what I do on rollerblades is described as 'fruit booting' and I am labeled a 'fruit booter', then I am proud to be a fruit booter and fruit booting is the illest thing on this planet.
by ephectic October 02, 2005
a person who felt that skateboarding didnt look like a big enough challenge, so they took up a sport where they could go higher, faster, longer, bigger, and just all around more dangerous than any skateboarder ever will.

quick question, what skateboarder ever grinded a stair rail with over 15 kinks, or one that went approx. 666 feet long.

answer: no one, but chris farmer grinded (top soul) the kink, and chris haffey grinded the handicap (frontside)
All fruitbooters are also badass.
by Jake Rukusman April 07, 2004
The emo version of a skateboarder - in other words, wants to be like a skateboarder, but just can't stop crying and writing bad poetry about how hard middle class suburban life is, especially when he shows up at the skate park wearing nylon jogging shorts, purple boots with pink buckles, and a mesh singlet.
Look at that fruit booter listening to AFI and playing with his gay fringe that never ends...
by Ifocked Yermama September 10, 2007
a slang nick name for someone who roller blades normally in a derogatory way commonly directed from skateboarders to roller bladers
thats all it is has nothing to do how rollerbladers think they are hardcore cause they can go bigger on something attached to them requiring less skill
"look at that fruit booter roll"
by HeYzUs December 21, 2005
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