a boot made from fruit skins, a fruit boot isnt complete with out all the colors of the rainbow with enfasys on the color purple, most comonly used by homosexuals to match with there clothen, in the 1990´s the fruit booters added wheels so the gay parede walk will tire and damage less the feet
hey, lets go put on our new fruitboots and go to the skate park to look for some hooties
by put your name here October 02, 2003
The act of putting fruity wheels on your shoes. These people are usually gay and have no lives. While they think its funny to do flares and call skateboarders woodpushers while jacking off to gay porn (male).
fruit booter
by popcorn123 August 31, 2009
some one who runs around on shoes with wheels... thinkin they better than the skaters... but really just prancing around and dancing. this is not in cross refference with rollerblading. which is fun when you play street hockey.
any way, fruit booting is the word us skaters give inliners mainly to insult them, in return they call us "wood-pushers" which i'm sorry to say, isn't original at all. so there... "fruit booter"
and for the record it is easy, lame and most of all queer
Normal person- "what's the hardest part of fruit booting?"
Fruit Booter- "ooh man it's all about dem 360 soul grinds!!"
Normal person- "no. telling your dad that you're gay!"
by Cat_In_The_Hat August 26, 2007
A name given by gay ass skateboarders who are embaraased when rollerbladers grind 15 kink handrails.
DAMN that rollerbladers good.
by YourMom December 20, 2004
Not Creative diss made by immature, little children that cant accept another extreme sport different than theirs. They just hate rollerbladers because we ARE what they once WERE.
Skaterboiieiie:Hey,Look at That Gay Fruitbooter!!
Rollerblader:Once you show me something on a skateboard that is as extreme as a fakie 720 kindgrind or souling a ledge with a 80 ft drop, then i shall cry from your immature disses.
by Lexo36 July 24, 2005
dumbasses who gave up on skateboarding after realizing they had to put forth effort to land a simple ollie and decided if their wheels were attached to their feet jumping would be effortless.
F.B.- "golly gee, this skateboarding is makeing me sweat i think i'll attach my wheels to my new rainbow plastic boots and go roll around the skatepark and get in everyones way, IM A FAGGOT!!!"
by ZeRoOrDiE March 14, 2005
a slang term used by twig flipper(skateboarders)To insult us bladers.Which skateboarders that realise when we hit a rail if we screw up once thats it we take a way bigger crazy that just falling on our ass.Skateboarders for some reason started to hate on us i dunno why i guess because it only takes a month to get from newbiestatus to begginer status.Little do they know since skateboarders insulted us and made sure blading wont be that big of a deal.Going pro in this sport is almost impossible since htey made sure companies will show death ears to us.You have to be extremely good to even get to Amateur status were bladers that are good enough can actually participate in rigourous competitions.Most competitions involve pro and Amateur bladers trying to out show each other and show alot of people what they are mad eof.
A Amatuer blader is the equivalent of a skateboarder who hgas gone pro.But since blading isnt so popular.For a company to invest and for a blader to go pro a Amateur blading has to have something special particarly really really extremely advance skills int he trade of blading that will stand out form the other Amateur bladers.Also Amateur bladers who participate and win alot of competitions.Particular IMITY
im a blade ryes i am
by lordblazer October 10, 2004

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