Rollerbladers, but only the ones who think they are hot shit because they can jump into the air and turn their bodies and slide down rails with boots that are attatched to their feet, and actually believe that it takes anywhere near the level of skill and talent it takes to skate. they usually go around wearing skate shoes and clothes, even though they don't skateboard, so technically they are classified as posers. they hang out at skateparks and make fun of skaters who are learning to ollie, not realizing that anybody in the world can put rollerblades on and figure out how to jump in a day, while on a skateboard, you actually have to learn how to get into the air instead of just jumping. again, not all rollerbladers are fruitbooters, only the ones who match the above qualifications. They are generally assholes.
"Nah, dont go to that spot, theres always fruitbooters there."

"Hey, that stupid asshole fruitbooter just cut me off! Go back to the 90s you fucking dork!"

"Oh, look, a bunch of stupid fruitbooters defined themselves as cool people and skaters as idiots on Urban Dictionary."
"Ah, fuck 'em, nobody takes those fags seriously anyway."

by 5331674714714 January 25, 2009
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A Roller blader.Whether they are gay or not they are still gay. Skateboarding is better.
Stupid fruit booter got in my way.
by O'S December 06, 2002
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a boot made from fruit skins, a fruit boot isnt complete with out all the colors of the rainbow with enfasys on the color purple, most comonly used by homosexuals to match with there clothen, in the 1990´s the fruit booters added wheels so the gay parede walk will tire and damage less the feet
hey, lets go put on our new fruitboots and go to the skate park to look for some hooties
by put your name here October 02, 2003
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Someone who wishes they could skateboard but are too retarted so they put on roller skates and try to fit in with skateboarders.Unfortanately rollerblading is easy and is to gay to be done at a skatepark and should be done only in the middle of the interstate.
Man I wish these fruit booters would get out of the way and quit trying to do a 900 into a gayslide on a ledge.
by Dick M Harter September 07, 2006
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An insult Usually used by sakters while they are in their skateparks towards rollerbladers.
harry:godamn fruitbooters taking up the whole park with their lame ass tricks
Me:yeah i know
by SLinga November 17, 2003
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some one who runs around on shoes with wheels... thinkin they better than the skaters... but really just prancing around and dancing. this is not in cross refference with rollerblading. which is fun when you play street hockey.
any way, fruit booting is the word us skaters give inliners mainly to insult them, in return they call us "wood-pushers" which i'm sorry to say, isn't original at all. so there... "fruit booter"
and for the record it is easy, lame and most of all queer
Normal person- "what's the hardest part of fruit booting?"
Fruit Booter- "ooh man it's all about dem 360 soul grinds!!"
Normal person- "no. telling your dad that you're gay!"
by Cat_In_The_Hat August 26, 2007
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a slang nick name for someone who roller blades normally in a derogatory way commonly directed from skateboarders to roller bladers
thats all it is has nothing to do how rollerbladers think they are hardcore cause they can go bigger on something attached to them requiring less skill
"look at that fruit booter roll"
by HeYzUs December 21, 2005
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