Awesome people who rollerblade.Originally used to make fun of rollers. Used By pussy ass skateboarders who are jealous,but most don't know that we don't care about it. They are awesome because they stick up for each other,take crap for what they love,and make it through when the money has fallen out of the industry. Pros' salaries suck balls but they keep rollin out of love for our sport. it is more than a sport it is a life style. by the way F.UCK anyone who says rolling isn't a sport. Your just jealous that we're more dedicated than you'll ever be.
woodpusher-Hahaha you're a fruitbooter


by Roller Man April 01, 2007
someone who roller blades and calls it aggresiving, most of them are s
Hey, check out the fruit-booter!
by ben December 09, 2003
Any rollerblader, esp. those who use the word "proper" (as in current UD def #3.)
"Fruitbooter is a name given by fuckhead skateboarders hating on everyone that dont do theyre sport, get over it. u havent seen proper rollerblading"- What a kook!
by nugpop68 February 28, 2009
an insult to those who roller blade or roller skate simply because they have wheels on thier shoes rather then on a board of wood because they assume that anyone with wheels on thier shoes is a "faggot". but the insult is more created in direction to roller skaters/bladers who do tricks on thier skates/blades.
either way i get images of roller skaters kicking fruit.....when i hear fruit booter....which doesn't seem like much of an insult to me.
by NachoSox December 30, 2007
Rollerbladers, but only the ones who think they are hot shit because they can jump into the air and turn their bodies and slide down rails with boots that are attatched to their feet, and actually believe that it takes anywhere near the level of skill and talent it takes to skate. they usually go around wearing skate shoes and clothes, even though they don't skateboard, so technically they are classified as posers. they hang out at skateparks and make fun of skaters who are learning to ollie, not realizing that anybody in the world can put rollerblades on and figure out how to jump in a day, while on a skateboard, you actually have to learn how to get into the air instead of just jumping. again, not all rollerbladers are fruitbooters, only the ones who match the above qualifications. They are generally assholes.
"Nah, dont go to that spot, theres always fruitbooters there."

"Hey, that stupid asshole fruitbooter just cut me off! Go back to the 90s you fucking dork!"

"Oh, look, a bunch of stupid fruitbooters defined themselves as cool people and skaters as idiots on Urban Dictionary."
"Ah, fuck 'em, nobody takes those fags seriously anyway."

by 5331674714714 January 25, 2009
A person foiled by the complexity of an ollie on a skateboard who resorted to buying rollerblades to make up for his/her shortcomming. Said person must land the smallest of tricks by crouching obscenely low and/or making rapper-like gestures with their arms.
Person 1: Holy crap! That fruit booter just jumped over a newspaper stand - is there a name for that trick?

Person 2: Yeah, it's called "jumping".
by AARC51 October 11, 2006
Rollerbladers. Sorry I can't give a longer deffination, but thats simply what fruit booters are.
Man theres so many fruit booters on the skatepark, lets beat them!
by Chris Burke May 04, 2006

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