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A skate.

Not an insult used for a person, but for an object. Derived from fruitboots, a term for skates which is derived from the term frootbooter, an insult made up by skateboarders which they use to feel manly and make sluts think theyre badass.
Correct Usage: I have a fruitboot.

Incorrect Usage: "He's such a fruitboot. Let's go ruin his ledges and throw our boards."
by Doornail April 03, 2005
1. A member of an elite subculture.

2. Somebody who enjoys rollerblading.

3. One who is hated by skateboarders and bmxers for no reason other than our choice in activities.

4. One of the coolest people on earth.
Guy 1: "Man, I wish I could be a fruitbooter."
Guy 2: "Go ahead."
Guy 3: "Nevermind." *kickflip*
by Doornail April 03, 2005
Somebody whos weird and rides a snakeboard.

Theyre pretty cool I guess.

Except theres like 12 of em in the world.
Guy 1:"What the hell is that?"

Guy 2:"That's a snakeboarder."
by Doornail April 03, 2005
One who never lands anything and bitches about rollerbladers.
Hey, look at that skateboarder in the tight pants getting angry.
by Doornail April 03, 2005
One who ruins ledges and runs people over.
"Remember when these used to be good ledges?"

"Yeah, then those damn bmxers came."
by Doornail April 03, 2005
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